Zoning Update

What was the zoning update about?

The City of Hampton, Georgia received a grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission to hire consulting firm TSW to conduct a comprehensive update of its zoning ordinance.

Why was the zoning updated?

This process was undertaken to:

  • make regulations easier to understand
  • promote economic prosperity
  • remove barriers to appropriate development
  • and make our city a more livable place!

Final Updated Zoning Ordinance

The document below reflects a number of changes to the text of the zoning regulations, as adopted by Hampton City Council on August 14, 2018.  These updates address a wide variety of topics, from which uses are allowed in which zoning districts, to parking, landscaping, and other development regulations.  They also include a number of technical updates.

Final Updated Zoning Ordinance (August 14)

Updated Zoning Map

Hampton’s zoning map was also digitized and updated as a part of this process.  Some properties were rezoned.  The official zoning map is available at Hampton City Hall.